Library of Objects

The Library of Objects (the Library) is made up of a set of features based on the concept of saving and reusing objects throughout Argos.  The Library interacts with various parts of Argos in different ways, but sets the foundation for sharing objects throughout the tool.  The main interface for the Library is the Library of Objects Manager (the Library Manager).  The Library Manager can be accessed from the Tools menu in Argos.

Library Manager

The Library of Objects Manager dialog box.

The Library Manager has two main functions.  First, it is used to manage and organize all of the available objects.  A folder structure can be created to organize objects.  Second, the Library Manager is where Styles are created and edited.  Once a Style is created, use the Format tab to set all of the color and font properties.

The options available under the Format Tab within the Library of Object Manager.

A single Style can be applied to both Banded Reports and OLAP Cubes. 

Types of Objects in the Library

The Library can contain many types of objects from the various parts of Argos, including:

Object Type Used In Description
Style Banded Reports, OLAP Cubes Sets color and font options
Report Template Banded Reports An entire report definition
Report Band Banded Reports An entire band from a report and all of its contents
Image Banded Reports, Form Design A single image
Text Object Banded Reports, Form Design A single text object
Expression Banded Reports, Form Design A calculated field
Form Template Form Design A group of objects on a form that are saved together as a unit
Form Controls (list box, drop down box, etc.) Form Design One of various controls used on a form.  Each can be saved as an individual object in the Library.
Chart Banded Reports, Form Design A chart on a form or report
OLAP Cube Banded Reports, Form Design An OLAP Cube on a form or report

Using the Library

Objects can be added to the Library from both the Banded Report Editor and the Form Design window.  Select the items you want to add, click the icon on the toolbar and complete the Add Object form.  You can select multiple objects at once.  To create a Report Template, do not select any objects from the Banded Report before adding to the Library.  If no objects are selected, the Library knows you are saving a Report Template.

If you are building a form or a report and you would like to add objects from the Library, click the icon to get an object and select the object you would like to add.  You will need to know the name and folder of the object you want to add.

If you choose to use a Report Template from the Library on an existing report, it will overwrite the entire report with the template.

Styles can also be added to a report.  The Style will overwrite the existing colors and fonts.  However, you must check the band properties to ensure that the background color option is set to Use Color if you want the new background style color to show on the final version of the report.



add to library icon Add to Library
add from library icon Add from Library
apply style from library icon Add a Style