Support Resources

Evisions provides several sources of support for IRIS users, including online help and user guides, release notes, and a support website where you can browse the Knowledge Base, participate in customer forums, or open a support ticket.

Online Help

The IRIS Help serves as a reference guide for all of the features in the software. You can access the help by selecting Help in the menu.

Release Documentation

The Release Notes page contains information regarding the changes in all current and previous versions of IRIS.

User Guides and Additional Documentation

The online help for IRIS contains an end user guide and an administrator guide. The guides contain step-by-step instructions for the tasks performed by each role, providing an excellent mechanism for getting started with IRIS. The PDF user guides below contain the same information that is found in the online help, in a downloadable PDF format.

Document Name Download PDF Description
IRIS User Guide PDF of the IRIS User Guide Explains the process for completing surveys, including how to import data, review the survey form, create and complete tasks, and view reports based on survey data.
IRIS Admin Guide PDF of the IRIS Admin GUide Guide for IRIS administrators that explains how to manage users and select the surveys that are active for your institution.

Additional Resources

The Evisions Support Center contains links to additional support resources:

  • HelpDesk - Technical support website where you can open a support ticket, or search the Knowledge Base.
  • Knowledge Base - Answers to common questions.
  • Forums - Collaborate with other IRISusers.